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BAPS Robbinsville Akshardham - Phase IV

Under Construction - Robbinsville, New Jersey


Last year, KSD was chosen to design the interiors for the new Building IV, a Welcome Center and administration building of BAPS' Robbinsville campus. This site is set to become their largest in North America. Building IV construction is now underway, scheduled to be completed in 2021.

A globally practiced religious tradition, BAPS is a denomination of Hinduism within its Swaminarayan sect. As of this year, BAPS has more than 1,200 mandirs (temples) located worldwide. This particular Robbinsville site has been blessed by the most highly regarded gurus of the BAPS institution, and is one of only three Akshardhams (religious monumental complex) in the world.

When completed, Building IV, with an interior design by KSD Architects, will be the first building that devotees and tourists pass through on their visit to this Akshardham site.

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