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Tilt-Up Collaboration

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In early 2018, Kamlesh Shah Designs joined a Design-Build team alongside developer Eastern Properties, CBRE, and tilt-up contractor Bedrock. Our team designed a +/-67,200 square foot warehouse and saw the project through from Concept Design and Planning Board approvals through Construction Documents and Permitting.

The warehouse was proposed to be built with tilt-up concrete construction, a relatively quick method of erecting a ground-up concrete shell structure. Some benefits of using Tilt-Up Concrete Panel construction are:

  1. Construction Cost Savings - Smaller, local specialized crews, locally available material, reduced labor costs

  2. Expedited Construction Schedule - Erection of walls are quicker, and project phases can overlap

  3. Inherent Fire Resistance Rating - Tilt-up panels meet strict fire-resistance ratings

  4. Aesthetically Flexible & Visually Pleasing - Panels can be custom designed to meet the client and designers' needs

  5. Durability and Ease of Maintenance - Panels are extremely durable and do not wear easily, and they are impervious to pest infestation

  6. Potential Reduction of Insurance Premiums - Proven to withstand severe weather and with their fire resistance, these buildings typically get better insurance rates than steel buildings or other structures

  7. Reduced Operating Costs - Excellent insulation, reduced HVAC costs, and reduced noise transmission

  8. Reduced Construction Safety Risks - Since most activity occurs on the ground and scaffolding is not required, there are fewer risks faced by workers

The building has since been completed, and the warehouse is now available for lease through CBRE.

Check out this cool drone video, taken during the erection of the building:

And here are some finished photos of the building!

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